Saturday, September 22, 2001

Hamada Ayako vs Yoshida Marioko (Tournament Zion 2001 1st round)

Venue: Korakuen Hall
Promotion: Arsion

Background: Hamada Ayako, the Queen of Arsion and last year's Tournament Zion winner, meets Yoshida Mariko in the first round of Tournament Zion 2001.

Part I

Part II

0'23'' Pedigree
0'49'' Hamachan Cutter
2'49'' Ura Hizajuji
1'56'' Air Raid Crush

After the match, you see Lioness Aska in a blue shirt. After the arrival of Aska in Arsion, Yoshida Mariko and Noki-A welcomed her and formed the Executive together to challenge the Queen of Arsion Hamada Ayako.

Ohmukai Michiko vs Shimoda Mima (Tournament Zion 2001 1st Round)

Venue: Korakuen Hall
Promotion: Arsion

Background: This match is Shimoda's revenge. They fought Tournament Zion 1999 Final in which Ohmukai won. After that, they formed a team called V.I.P. along with Mita Etsuko and Fukawa Yumi. But V.I.P. broke up earlier this year. Now is the time Shimoda, with help from her long-term partner Mita, challenges Ohmukai again.

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Lioness Aska vs Fujita Ai

Venue: Difa Ariake
Promotion: Arsion

Fujita Ai challenges Lioness Aska.

1'02'' German Suplex
1'11'' Topé Suicida
1'26'' Moonsault Press
2'36'' Free Bird Bomb
2'57'' Corbata
5'15'' Saka-mawashi geri
6'17'' Double Foot Stomp (with desk)
6'45'' Riger Bomb
7'38'' Hurakan Rana
7'52'' LSD III

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Sunday, September 16, 2001

Ito Kaoru vs Nakanishi Momoe (WWWA Sigle title match)

Venue: Fuji Television 7th Floor Roof-top Garden
Promotion: Zenjo

Uploaded by ringmistress

(By clicking the above link, you'll be able to watch the first 5 minutes. To view the match until the end, you need to (1) sing up for Veoh and (2) install Veoh Web Player.)