Saturday, October 9, 1993

Aja Kong vs Hokuto Akira

Venue: Tokyo Bay NK Hall
Promotion: Zenjo

This single match was supposed to be the WWWA Single title match. But Hokuto asks Aja and the audience to make this match a non-title one, because her physical condition is terribly bad.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Aja: Hokuto! Beat Kandori at Ryogoku! You must take responsibility of saying that you represent Zenjo's way of wrestling life. This is NOT Zenjo's way of wrestling life. With perfect conditions for both of us as Zenjo's top wrestlers, we will definitely fight for the red belt! There still remain lots to do for you. I want you to beat Kandori, meet me on this ring once again, and fight with me! (Without microphone) Since this is NOT Hokuto Akira, since this is NOT Hokuto Akira, since Hokuto Akira is not like this, since the Hokuto Akira that I know is not like this, ... one more time! (Bows to Hokuto.)

Part IV

Aja: (shakes Hokuto's hand) One more time. There's not just Kandori. There's another one in Zenjo, too. Please don't forget this.

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