Saturday, May 18, 1996

Ozaki Mayumi vs Inoue Takaco (Dress-up Wild Fight match)

Venue: Korakuen Hall
Promotion: JWP

On April, after Takaco got a pinfall from Ozaki in a tag match (Takaco's partner was Kansai while Ozaki's was Inoue Kyoko), she demanded a Dress-up Wild Fight against Ozaki. This match is fought under the rule of a Texas Death Match.

Part I

Part II

Part III

4'38'' Aurora Special

Part IV

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Sunday, May 5, 1996

Shark Tsuchiya vs Nagayo Chigusa

Venue: Kawasaki Baseball Stadium
Promotion: FMW

Nagayo's revenge match following her defeat last November.

Nagayo broke Tsuchiya's arm bone at the end.

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Combat Toyoda vs Kudo Megumi (Combat's retirement match)

Venue: Kawasaki Baseball Stadium
Promotion: FMW

Combat Toyoda retires with the world's first explosive barbed wire match for female wrestlers in which installed on two sides of the ring are electric cables which explode if you touch them (barbed wires on the other two sides). It is also a title match in which Toyoda defends her WWA & Independent World championship against Kudo Megumi, her long-term partner/rival.

The guy zoomed up at 11'36'' is Ohnita Atsushi, the founding wrestler of FMW, who is Toyoda's mentor.

17'00'' Thunder Fire
21'00'' Kudome Driver
22'30'' Reverse Gory Special
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