Saturday, April 15, 1995

Nagayo & Kansai vs Ozaki & Super Heel Devil (Gaea Japan inaugural show's main event)

Venue: Korakuen Hall
Promotion: Gaea Japan (inaugural show)

Nagayo Chigusa launches a new promotion called Gaea Japan today. In the final match in the promotion's inaugural show, Nagayo forms a tag team with Kansai from JWP and fights against Ozaki and, suprise, suprise, Super Heel Devil Masami.

Nagayo lost to Super Heel in a single match before. So did Kansai. Kansai also lost to Ozaki in a street fight match. Can Nagayo and Kansai manage to take revenge?

(By clicking the above link, you'll be able to watch the first 5 minutes. To view the match until the end, you need to (1) sing up for Veoh and (2) install Veoh Web Player.)