Sunday, March 26, 1995

Aja vs Toyota (WWWA Single Title Match)

Venue: Yokohama Arena
Promotion: Zenjo

Background: Aja Kong has been the WWWA Single Champion for the past two and a half years. Toyota Manami now challenges Aja's "red belt".

Part I: When Toyota is about to enter the ring, she glares at Hokuto Akira sitting at the front row seat. They will fight a single match later this year.

Part II:

Part III:

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Bull Nakano vs Inoue Kyoko (WWF Women's Single title match)

Venue: Yokohama Arena
Promotion: Zenjo

Part I

8'50'' Bull's Grampus

Part II

Part III

Finisher: Rolling Guillotine

Bull on mic: Today's championship match against Kyoko has increased the value of the WWF Women's belt for the first time ever in its history. I'm grateful to Ms Kyoko Inoue from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much. (Bows to Kyoko.) And we have been members of Gokumontou. As the way Kyoko fought today shows us, however, she is a wrestler standing on her own feet without the need of someone else's leadership. Therefore, I'll break up Gokumontou.

Kyoko: I'm not yet... I like Gokumontou very much. I hate to admit today's defeat, but there are still many things that I'd like you to teach me. I'd rather see the break-up of Gokumontou when I defeat you.

Bull: Will you be able to defeat me?
Kyoko: I will.
Bull: I've long been waiting for that moment, you know.
Kyoko: I will win.
Bull: Don't fail to make it happen. Until Kyoko defeats me in a single match, we'll be members of Gokumontou. We are only three of us, though. Nabe! Watanabe! Hang in there! You haven't made any effort. Look at Kyoko!

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(Indeed, after this match, Watanabe Tomoko, the third member of Gokumontou, will make a breakthrough, finally.)

Friday, March 17, 1995

Dynamite Kansai vs Ozaki Mayumi (Dress-up Wild Fight)

Venue: Hakata Star Lanes
Promotion: JWP

Dynamite Kansai has been invincible on the JWP ring. Ozaki Mayumi challenges her in the street fight match in JWP style named "Dress-up Wild Fight".

Part I

Part II

Part III

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