Saturday, March 4, 2000

Las Cachorras Orientales vs Watanabe & Maekawa (cage death match)

Venue: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium Hall
Promotion: Zenjo

This is a cage death match. Weapons brought into the cage can be used. To win the match, both wrestlers need to escape from the cage. The difficulty of the match is if one wrestler escapes, her partner needs to fight against the two opponent wrestlers.

Part I:

Part II:

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Toyota & Kansai & Ito vs Hotta & Takaco & Bolshoi

Venue: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
Promotion: Zenjo

Zenjo tied up with JWP earlier in 2000. The idea was far from the inter-promotion wars back in the 1990s. It's more of a friendly alliance between the two promotions. Yumiko Hotta from Zenjo doesn't like the idea at all. Neither does Commando Bolshoi from JWP. With Takaco (who does not belong to any promotion at this time) as their partner, they fight against those wrestlers who are in favor of the tie-up. Or are they?

Before the match, Hotta declares: if her team wins, she will take charge of match-making in the next Zenjo event. If her team loses, she will follow whatever Mr Yamamoto (JWP's CEO) tells her to do, even if he tells her to retire.

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