Wednesday, August 30, 1995

Aja Kong vs Dynamite Kansai (WWWA Single Title Match)

Venue: Osaka Furitsu Taiiku Kaikan (Osaka Prefectural Gymnastic Hall)
Promotion: Zenjo

Background: Aja Kong, the WWWA Single Champion, faces a challenge from JWP's strongest wrestler Dynamite Kansai. Aja defeated Kansai twice in the past WWWA title matches (August 25, 1993; May 22, 1994). When Aja grabbed back the "red belt" from Toyota a couple of months ago, Kansai thought it was the best time to revenge Aja.

Part I

Part II

Part III


Aja's move at 4'14'' in Part I: Nadare-shiki Suisha Otoshi

Kansai's finishing move is Tsutenkaku Special.

The videos are uploaded by Ringmistress upon my request. Many, many thanks.

Hokuto Akira vs Shimoda Mima

Promotion: Zenjo

uploaded by shupercousin

Bull Nakano vs Lioness Aska

Promotion: Zenjo

Lioness Aska, Jaguar Yokota, and Bison Kimura made a comeback to the Zenjo ring as the Rideen Array. But their performance has been very dismal. Bull Nakano, the former WWWA Single champion, is not happy about them.