Sunday, March 27, 1994

Ozaki & Cuty vs Shimoda & Mita (JWP Tag title match)

Promotion: Zenjo

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Hokuto and Kandori vs Aja and Bull

Venue: Yokohama Arena
Promotion: Zenjo

Background: Aja and Bull, the current and previous WWWA Single Champions, form Zenjo's strongest tag team and fight against Hokuto, who announced she would retire after three more matches including this one, and Kandori, LLPW's strongest wrestler who fought against Hokuto twice last year. This match-making is a result of votes by fans. Kandori doesn't want to form a tag team with Hokuto. The other three Zenjo wrestlers do not see Kandori as a proper wrestler. Aja, on the other hand, is eager to take revenge against Hokuto because she lost the single match against her last year, an embarassing result for the WWWA Single Champion.

This is a superb tag match.

Part I:

Here's translation of what Kandori and Hokuto say during the pre-match interview.

Interviewer: Ms Kandori, what do you think this match will be like?
Kandori: I don't know such a stupid thing.
I: You don't know?
K: Why should I know?
I: How about your opponents today?
K: My opponents? Who are they?
I: Aja and Bull.
K: There are three opponents. If I include myself, there are four opponents.
I: How about you, Ms Hokuto?
Hokuto: I'll fight as the first match in my retirement road for myself and my fans. (To Kandori) Kandori, stop bitching. We're about to fight now. Let's fight together to see who is the best wrestler among us.
K: It's not my business.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI: post-match interviews

Kandori reveals that she wanted Hokuto to retire gracefully because she hadn't quit her judo career like that.

Hokuto says Aja's fighting was perfunctory today. She demands Aja give up her champion belt.

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