Sunday, November 28, 1993

Bull Nakano vs Fukuoka Hikari

Venue: Osaka Castle Hall
Promotion: Zenjo

Zenjo's empress Bull Nakano faces a challenge from JWP's hopeful Fukuoka Hikari.

Part I

Part II

4'06'' Guruguru Punch
4'34'' Northern Light Suplex
5'00'' Avalanche Power Slam

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Aja Kong vs Eagle Sawai

Venue: Osaka Castle Hall
Promotion: Zenjo

Part I

Part II

Part III

5'00'' Suisha Otoshi

Aja on mic: Did you understand the difference between being simply big and being agile and big? I've fought hundreds of matches with Bull-sama, sitting over there. If you feel humiliated now, beat Kandori and bring the (LLPW single championship) belt here.

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Friday, November 19, 1993

Ozaki Mayumi vs Hokuto Akira

Venue: Korakuen Hall?
Promotion: JWP

Background: Hokuto appears on the JWP ring for the first time ever, in response to Ozaki's request. Hokuto publicly claims that she's not interested in JWP and that she doesn't like JWP's pro-wrestling spirit called "pure heart". Can Ozaki make Hokuto serious?

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Hokuto's microphone performance: "Ozaki! You know puroresu better than Kazama. I'd long been wondering why JWP and LLPW chose to follow a different path from each other's. I just learned why. President Yamamoto, I also learned your love to this promotion. But if I'm allowed to demand one thing from you, tell Ozaki how to make a speech on the ring."

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