Sunday, November 20, 1994

V-top semi-final: Aja Kong vs Toyota Manami

V-top, held in Tokyo Dome, is probably at the helm of the whole joshi puroresu history. Here's a semi-final match.

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Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nakano (WWF Women championship)

Venue: Tokyo Dome (with 42,500 viewers)
Promotion: Zenjo

Background: The second to the last match in Zenjo's legendary Tokyo Dome event. WWF Women champion Alundra Blayze, formerly known as Medusa in Japan, comes to Tokyo to face a challenge from Bull Nakano, who has been on the WWF circuit.

9'08'' Bull's Poseidon
9'29'' Guillotine Drop

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Hokuto Akira vs Aja Kong (V-Top Woman Tournament Final)

Venue: Tokyo Dome
Promotion: Zenjo

Hokuto has been indicating she would retire soon. Some say this Tokyo Dome match will be her last. For Aja, the WWWA Single Champion, this match is the best opportunity to show that she, rather than Hokuto, is the strongest female pro-wrestler in Japan. Aja sees this match as a title match even though it isn't officially.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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