Wednesday, November 14, 1990

Bull vs Aja (Cage Death Match without the referee)

venue: Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan
promotion: Zenjo

This match probably defines Japanese women's pro-wrestling in the sense that this is NOT a clash between a babyface and a heel. Both Bull Nakano and Aja Kong are heels. Aja used to be Bull's follower as a member of Gokumon-tou. But earlier this year, after Bull became the WWWA Single Champion, Aja defected along with Bison Kimura, and started a feud with Bull and her loyal followers including Inoue Kyoko. A few weeks ago, they fought in a cage death match, but Aja won with dubious judgment by a referee. Hence no referee this time. To win the match, you need to escape from the locked cage.

Part 1

Part 2 (CAUTION: This video may upset you severely!)

Part 3

Bull's final maneuver: Diving Gillotine Drop. It's usually from the top of a corner post of the ring. In this case, from the top of the cage. It has made Bull Nakano a living legend.

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