Saturday, July 31, 1993

JWP vs Zenjo: 4 by 4 special match

Venue: Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan
Promotion: JWP

Background: Since November 1992, Zenjo (known as AJW among Americans) and JWP have been engaged in dantai taikou-sen (an inter-promotion war). This match adopts a special rule. The match lasts an hour whatever happens, and the winninng team is the one who obtains more pinfalls during the 60 minutes. During the first 20 minutes, four single matches are fought. The remaining 40 minutes is a 4 by 4 tag match. You will hear very enthusiastic viewers calling each wrestler's name. Although this fight takes place in JWP's ring, the viewers seem to be half JWP and half Zenjo supporters.

This is the awesome match!!!

Part I: Fukuoka Hikari vs. Hasegawa Sakie
For some reason, Nagayo Chigusa greets with the audience before the match. When she leaves the ring, Dynamite Kansai glares at her. They will fight a single match in a couple of years.

Part II: Ozaki Mayumi vs Inoue Kyoko

Kyoko's move at the end: Giant Swing.

Part III: Cuty Suzuki vs Inoue Takaco
The clash between the ultimate babyface wrestlers from the two promotions.

Part IV: Dynamite Kansai vs Aja Kong
The clash between Zenjo's no.1 wrestler Aja and JWP's no.1 Kansai, probably for the first time ever.

Part V: 4 by 4 Tag match starts!

Part VI:

Part VII:

Fukuoka's move around 2'15'': Rolling Cradle
Kansai's finishing move: Splash Mountain

Part VIII: Last 10 minutes

Ozaki's finishing move: Tequila Sunrise

The videos are uploaded by billygunn08540.